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Members of SEIC

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How to join SEIC

The annual fee of the members of SEIC is 55 euros. By registering for the first time, the new partner makes a first payment of the current year and authorize the debit of the fee for subsequent years.

Thus, the partner does not have to worry about being aware of the payment of the fee and, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time by contacting the treasurer of the Society (

Usually an email is sent courtesy warning of imminent payment of the annual fee.

To subscribe just send us two documents: the registration form below and you will see proof of payment of the first installment.

Our bank account: ES34 1465 0100 9919 0020 5261.


You can send these documents by mail, fax or through the website itself.

Download pdf form

If you use regular mail our address is:

Instituto de Criminología (Edificio I+D)
Campus de Teatinos - Universidad de Málaga
29071 Málaga

If you prefer fax, this is our number: 952-13-22-42.

If you want to do it through our website, then you have the form:

All fields in this form are required.
Personal details:
Name and Surname:
ID or passport number:
Academic degree[1]:
Employment status[2]:
Center or Institution you belong to:
Postal Address:
Post Code:
Contact telephone:
Do you authorize the inclusión of your personal data in the list of members distributed among the members of the SEIC?]:
Yes No

Do you authorize the inclusión of your personal data in the list of members published on the SEIC website?]:

Yes No

[1] Please specify the máximum degree obtained and its area of knowledge (students: please specify the current level of studies).
[2] Professional criminal justice (police, prisons, judiciary, etc), researcher, student.
Interest subject descriptors:
Please select up to 5 interest subject descriptors:
Criminal Statistics (Estadística criminal)
Measures of crime (Medidas del delito)
Research methods and statistics (Métodos de investigación y estadística) Homicide (Homicidios)
Interpersonal violence (Violencia interpersonal) Violence against women (Violencia contra la mujer)
Domestic Violence (Violencia domestica)
Child Abuse (Abuso infantil)
Sexual violence (Violencia sexual) Criminological theory (Teoría criminológica)
Critical criminology (Criminología critica) Evolutionary Criminology (Criminología evolutiva)
Social exclusion and crime (Exclusión social y delincuencia) Immigration, racism and crime (Inmigración, racismo y delincuencia)
Criminal psychology (Psicología criminal) Treatment (Tratamiento)
Crime Prevention (Prevención del delito)
Crimes against property (Delitos contra la propiedad)
White collar crime and corruption (Delitos de cuello blanco y corrupción) Organized crime (Delincuencia organizada)
Cybercrime (Delincuencia informática) Legal sociology (Sociología jurídica)
Forensics psychology (Psicología jurídica) Psychology os testimony (Psicología del testimonio)
Personality and crime (Personalidad y delito) Judicial Reform (Reforma judicial)
Penology (Penología) Alternatives to imprisonment (Alternativas al encarcelamiento)
Prisons (Prisiones) Police (Policía)
Criminal Policy (Política criminal)
Juvenile justice (Justicia de menores)
Private Security (Seguridad privada) Drugs (Drogas)
Juvenile delinquency (Delincuencia juvenil) Women and Criminal Justice (Mujer y justicia penal)
Gender and crime (Género y delincuencia) Social control (Control social)
Prostitution and pornography (Prostitución y pornografía) Youth Gangs (Pandillas juveniles)
Comparative Criminology (Criminología comparada) Attorneys and criminal justice (Abogados y justicia penal)
Judicial Behavior (Comportamiento judicial) Terrorism (Terrorismo)
Juries (Jurados)
Assistance to victims (Asistencia a las víctimas)
Public health and crime (Salud publica y delincuencia) Media and crime (Medios de comunicación y delincuencia)
Crime Fear (Miedo al delito) Mediation and Restorative justice (Mediación, justicia terapéutica y justicia reparadora)
Victimology (Victimología) History and criminology (Historia y criminología)
Psychological impact of victimization (Impacto psicológico de la victimación) Police investigation and criminal intelligence (Investigación policial e inteligencia criminal)
Economy, crime and criminal justice (Economía, delito y justicia penal)    
Forensic Medicine and Criminology (Medicina Forense y Criminalística)    
Compliance debit:  
Mr / Mrs
ID  (Ex.j: 11111111A)
And whose bank details are:  
Branch address
Bank account:
Bank Branch DC Nº account
Attach proof of payment:
More information:

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