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Observatory of Criminolgical Education and Research

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The SEIC congratulates all institutions and professionals in the field of Criminology that have contributed to the recent emergence of the Official University Degree in Criminology

From this moment on, the Spanish criminology will experience a time of high enthusiasm and a historic challenge in the specific execution of these studies. In our view, these are the key factors of the future academic development of the Degree:

  1. The scrupulously concord with the White Paper + info

  2. Modern, international and scientific standards in the development of the curricula + info

  3. Multidisciplinarity and integration of knowledge + info

  4. Professional projection + info

In summary, SEIC would like to ask all Universities, areas of knowledge and teachers involved, to act with greater wisdom, generosity and effort in establishing the new Degree in Criminology. Its development in line with the criteria of modernity and scientific and professional requirements noted above, will create excellent criminological studies.

In addition, new research in the area will impact positively on the quality of the education taught. That is why from the SEIC we encourage research teams to further develop lines and projects to enhance the reputation of the discipline.

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