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Members of SEIC

(*) We inform the members that our secretaryship can issue a membership accreditation if you need it.

Being a member
:: Our members
:: Dissemination of the Research Groups and Scientific Work

They may be members of the Spanish Society of Criminological Research (SEIC) , those adults and have full capacity to act with an interest in the aims of the association and signed. Being prerequisite hold an academic degree.

In exceptional cases , the Board may waive compliance with this requirement. Apart from the above requirements for membership in the Association is required to be admitted under the Statutes (art . 20 statutes).

Members have the right to take part in all activities organized by the SEIC , to enjoy all the advantages and benefits that the SEIC can get, to participate in the Assembly and vote, to receive information about the agreements adopted by organs of the Association and to make suggestions in order to better fulfill the purposes of the SEIC.

In return , the members have to meet the Statutes and the resolutions of the Assembly and the Board, and pay the membership fees. (Chapter IV, Statues, in spanish)

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