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Radio 5 y SEIC Colaboración SEIC y Radio 5

On Thursday January 30, 2014 , the President of the SEIC, Esther Fernández Molina, signed a collaboration agreement with the Director of National Radio of Spain, Alfonso Nasarre, for SEIC members to disseminate their research and scientific opinions on the field of criminology through Investigación y Criminología en Radio 5 (RTVE). The program airs every Thursday at 10:51 a.m.

To make this possible the participation of all members who are interested in making known its research results is required. The format will be to record an intervention between 2 to 5 minutes on a topic of criminological interest. The recording will take place at the headquarters of RNE city of residence of the member.

Members interested in taking advantage of this opportunity for scientific dissemination, should contact the member of the board of SEIC charge of the subject:

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