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The Journal of the Spanish Society of Criminological Research, Criminología Hoy (Criminology Today) aims to resurrect an interesting initiative developed in previous years under the same name and years ago with that of "Criminoticias". This initiative makes possible that the SEIC has, along with her older sister, REIC, an agile, flexible and attractive space to give voice to Criminology in society.d.

The Journal, every six months , was born with a series of fixed spaces like: Interviews, "Criminologists around the world", "Criminology in action", among other contributions. We hope that this spaces will contribute to demonstrate that Criminology is more alive than ever.

However, to see that this initiative is consolidated, we need the cooperation of all members to make us get his achievements, his awards, his latest work, relevant news, projects, etc. Any member who is interested to take this opportunity of scientific dissemination, should contact the member of the board responsible for this topic:

Boletin 1 SEIC

Criminología Hoy Journal Nº 2. (2015) (spanish version)

SEIC is launching a new edition of the Criminología Hoy Journal loaded with Criminology content we hope will be of interest.
In this issue Professor Santiago Redondo show us a bit more about the figure of one of the most prominent criminologists of the time, Alex Piquero.
In the section "Spanish Criminologists around the world" discovered how Lucia Summers came to Criminology and presents the group work in Spanish environmental criminology.
Arantxa Hernáez shows that criminology is in action and there are more career opportunities would seem to criminologists.
Maria Contreras gives an overview of what has been a year of micro-spaces on Radio 5 and calls to participate in this initiative to bring our findings to society.
We have a new section called "Criminologists on-line" on the Open Data Network blog "offenses and penalties" of Juanjo Medina in which the author encouraged to share our data with the rest of the scientific community for their collective use.
Cristina Rechea invite to attend the Criminological Research II Symposium to be held in June in Albacete coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Criminology studies at UCLM. And we echo the recent publication of the latest work by Santiago Redondo, "The origin of the crime", a theoretical contribution of great strength and whose successful public presentation celebrate with him.

Boletin 1 SEIC

Criminología Hoy Journal Nº 1. (2014 - 1er semester) (spanish version)

In the first issue of this new stage we include an interview with Professor David Farringhton and a tour of the work of the Crime Observatory of Andalusia in its tenth anniversary. In section "Criminologists around the world", Andrés López speaks of the need to implement a preventive model in Spain and explains the case of Australia . And in "Criminology in Action" section, we present the new criminological monitoring service, support and control released in the community by a team of UB Criminologists coordinated by prof. Santiago Redondo.

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