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Greetings from the Board

The Spanish Society of Criminological Research was founded in 2000 with the aim to promote the criminological research, in both academic and institutional dimensions. 15 years later, we stand firm in our commitments and we continue working to support the development and recognition of criminology in Spain.

Today, are our main activities are The Spanish Journal of Criminological Research (REIC), the Centre for Education and Research in Criminology (OFIC), a scientific disclosure radio program in Radio 5 and the Annual Congress of Criminology.

We expect our website to serve as a vehicle of communication between the scientific communities interested in criminology. We invite all members to participate actively so we can build knowledge together.

Revista Español a de Investigación Criminológica ANECA RNE Radio 5 II Simposio SEIC Impulsando la inserción profesional del criminólogo

Revista Española de Investigación Criminológica

Meetings with ANECA

Promoting the creation of the area of ??knowledge in Criminology

Research and Criminology program at Radio 5

Thursday 10.51h

II National Symposium of Criminological Research

Albacete, June 2015th

Promoting employability of criminologist

Congreso Granada 2014 Premios SEIC Boletín Criminología Hoy OFIC Investigación OFIC Formación

X Spanish Congress of Criminology
"Criminology , Security , Justice"

Granada 2014

SEIC Awards2014

Criminología Hoy, Journal

Compilation of news, interviews and projects

OFIC Research

Observatorio de grupos de investigación criminológica

OFIC Education

Observatorio de estudios de grado y posgrado

If you are a member of the SEIC and want to share any information with us, or if you're thinking about becoming a member and want to know more about the SEIC, contact us!


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