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Observatory of Criminolgical Education and Research

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Actions to promote research

SEIC has among its main objectives to promote criminological research-.

It is therefore essential that the scientific career of researchers engaged in criminology , is recognized by the competent institutions to evaluate the research experience mainly ANECA and CNEAI, according to standards of scientific and proper quality for this scientific discipline.

This section is available to members information on the meetings that were held with the heads of these institutions , the agreements that have been reached and documents they have provided.

APRIL 2014:

Meeting with the General Coordinator CNEAI held on April 29, 2014.

This meeting was intended to convey to the CNEAI ( National Evaluation of Research Activity ) the proposed of self-evaluation criteria on criminology for committees that evaluate the research experience in Spanish teachers. The meeting was attended part of the task force that drafted the proposal ( José Cid , Cristina Rechea and Esther Fernández). download document (spanish)


Meeting with the faculty coordinator ANECA held on December 4, 2013.

This meeting was intended to convey to the ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation for improving the quality of higher education system) the proposed of self-evaluation criteria on criminology to consider for committees that evaluate the merits of teachers and researchers to be credited to the various professional figures. The meeting was attended part of the task force that drafted the proposal (José Cid , Ana Isabel Cerezo, Santiago Redondo, César San Juan and Esther Fernandez) download document (spanish)


SEIC and FACE meet with the coordinator of the Teaching Evaluation and Institutions ANECA.

The lack of an area of ??knowledge in Criminology and the need for curricula in Criminology degrees conform to the provisions of the White Paper were the main topics discussed at the meeting and the document they handed representatives of both associations. See document (spanish)

JULY 2010:

Home Office Response to petition against secrecy in public crime data.

The Interior Ministry has responded to the manifesto signed last March, academics and representatives of associations of Spanish research in criminology against the secrecy with which the Ministry is public data on crime rates in Spain. See the manifesto and the response of the Ministry

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